Quick Start


So i wanted to create a personal blog and project space for my self. But didnt want to have to setup heavy CMS system with database and EC2 instance to worry about.

The solution host as static html page on S3 using cloudfront.

I plan to post some coding and ML models ive been planing with.
But will likely post some hardware and space related items :)

Hosting on AWS S3 with cloudfront CDN

So now its server less and will grow without having to worry about instance size. Also the CDN will cache the page (this can slow down publishing time as new content has to spread though the cdn network). Note that cloudfront can be silly to configure.
Later if i want to add more dynamic content or demos i can always to call to server or lambda function.

Static site generators

This site was build generated using static site generation tools.

For list of top static site generators on git check the following usefull link
static site generators

I picked hexo because highly used and i like the nodejs.

Some content

To add some content to page i used from following free source
good source of free images
SVG icons